MEXC Review

Cryptocurrency exchange provides traders with comfortable and favorable conditions for trading, referral program, as well as various promotions.

MEXC is a cryptocurrency exchange, which appeared on the financial market in 2018. During this period, the company actively developed and gained popularity among users around the world.

In our review, we will analyze in more detail the opportunities that the project provides to its customers and find out whether MEXC is a scam and scammers or a reliable platform for cryptocurrency trading.


MEXC – a cryptocurrency exchange that appeared on the Internet three years ago. The project is actively gaining popularity. The company focuses on the international market, as evidenced by the interface of the official website, translated into 9 languages. The main office of the project is located in Singapore, where the regulation of the organization.

The exchange provides users with the ability to trade on more than 180 trading pairs. Most of the trading turnover is accounted for BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, BSV/USDT, XRP/USDT, BCH/USDT, LTC/USDT, EOS/USDT, ETC/USDT, BSV/BTC, ZEC/USDT. Both fiat and futures trading are available for the clients. Also margin trading is available to users. The company has its own token called MX Token, which provides users with some benefits in the form of discounts (how to make money on cryptocurrency?).

The platform is great for advanced traders, thanks to its wide functionality, as well as for beginners. Various training materials are provided for inexperienced traders. The disadvantage is The disadvantage is that some of the materials, including training videos, are only available in Chinese.

In addition to the standard account, users have the option to open a VIP account. To open this type of account, the daily asset of each quarter must be 30 VT, the quarterly trading fee

be at least 5000 USDT. A VIP account has a number of benefits:

  • the ability to withdraw a larger amount daily than regular users;
  • commission discount;
  • gifts in honor of holidays;
  • exclusive chat;
  • opportunity to become a regional partner;
  • investment consultant;
  • annual events;
  • other benefits.

The trading platform has two types – basic and advanced. The basic platform is more suitable for making quick trades. Here all the necessary information is presented for the trader, which should be at his fingertips. at hand. Thus, information about the chosen trading pair, history of orders and chart appears before the client.

The advanced version of the platform contains more analytical information with which the user can analyze the selected trading pairs to make informed decisions.

To keep abreast of the latest updates on the company’s website, a separate section called “Announcements” was created. Thus, users can track the latest changes at the exchange. Traders also have the opportunity to participate in the life of the project and to vote for the types of cryptocurrency that will appear in the listing of the exchange.

It is extremely important for most traders to have constant access to their trading account. This is why a mobile version of the trading platform was created. Thus, clients can access the exchange 24/7. Both iOS and Android versions are available.

Among the main advantages of the company are:

  • a large selection of cryptocurrencies;
  • The availability of the Russian-language version of the site;
  • there is an exchange for fiat;
  • margin trading;
  • simple and intuitive interface;
  • referral program;
  • safety;
  • high volume of trades.

How to exchange cryptocurrency on platform?

To proceed to the exchange of cryptocurrency, you should click on the tab “Exchange”, choose the appropriate option of the trading platform and perform a few simple steps:

select the trading pair to exchange;
Fill out an order, specifying the amount and quantity of cryptocurrency to exchange;
Click on the “Buy” or “Sell” button, depending on the purpose.

Verification on the MEXC platform

Verification is a mandatory step after registering an account. Without verification, the user will not be able to withdraw funds from his account. Also, verification is necessary for the safety of one’s account. To pass the verification it is necessary to make several steps. First, you need to fill in the following data:

  • specify the nationality;
  • Your first and last name;
  • Choose the type of document, that proves your identity;
  • indicate the document number.

Then you should upload a number of documents:

  • a photo of the first page of the document;
  • a photo of the last page of the document;
  • a photo of the users with the document spread in their hands, and a sheet with the MEXC.COM inscription, phone number, name,
  • signature, document number and current date.

Note that there are requirements for photos/scans of documents:

  • the content of the photo must be clearly visible;
  • only the jpg format is supported;
  • the size of the image cannot exceed 4 mb.

On average, the verification process takes from several hours to several days.

Deposit and withdrawal

In order to deposit to your trading account, you need to log in to your profile on and click on the tab “Assets”. Then you need to perform several actions:

  • choose the cryptocurrency to deposit;
  • click on “Deposit” next to the selected digital asset;
  • Copy the generated address and paste it where the transfer will be made.


Withdrawal of earnings

To withdraw your earnings from the platform, you must also enter the “Assets” section and follow a few simple steps:

  • select the cryptocurrencies to withdraw;
  • insert the address where the withdrawal will be made;
  • specify the withdrawal amount;
  • send transfer to the specified address.

Minimal withdrawal amount is 0,001 BTS or equivalent amount in another currency.

Commission of the cryptocurrency exchange

There is the unified commission on website for makers and takers – 0,2% of transaction amount.


Withdrawal commission

While there is no commission for depositing, there is a fee for withdrawing earnings, which directly depends on the selected cryptocurrency. For example, for bitcoin, the fee is 0.0005 BTS.

MEXC bonuses

Periodically, the broker holds various contests, as well as gives bonuses to active users.


Referral program

An affiliate program was developed for active users who want to earn extra income. The program allows clients to attract new participants to the project and receive compensation for this in the amount up to 80% of the commission. Also referrers can get a discount on commission.

Regulation of crypto exchange

Financial sector is one of the most popular among the fraudsters, that’s why there are a lot of unscrupulous projects in the network. To protect yourself from a negative experience of cooperation with scammers, you need to check the availability of necessary documents, as well as registration. Let’s consider in more detail how the regulation of the project is carried out. It is known that the organization does not have any license, but this may be due to the fact that the exchange is quite young. All documentation of the project is publicly available to all users. The company’s contact information is also not hidden.

User agreement

“User Agreement” is the main document of the project, which each user must read. The agreement contains basic information about the trading process, as well as the responsibilities of customers and organizers. The advantage is that the document is also translated into Russian. Let’s look at some points in more detail.

The document clearly states that the company has the right to update the agreement from time to time. That’s why the user should periodically visit the site and independently check for changes. When continuing to use the services of the site, it is automatically considered that the client has accepted the changes in the agreement. Once the amended agreement is posted, the original agreement is effectively superseded. The user can read the latest agreement at any time on the official site. The organizer is not obliged to warn the client about the changes in advance.

The organization provides services to its clients according to availability and status. However, it should be understood that the company does not provide any implied or explicit guarantees, including but not limited to the applicability of the services, the absence of any errors or omissions, consistency, accuracy, reliability and suitability for a particular purpose. Also, the organizer disclaims any liability and does not guarantee to users the accuracy, precision, correctness, reliability, quality, consistency, integrity and timeliness of the technology and information related to the service and its services.

Regardless of the circumstances arising, the company disclaims any liability in the event of information network service failures, network connection failures, computer, communication or other system failures, power failures, strikes, labor disputes, riots, disturbances, disturbances, productivity or insufficient productivity, and production resources, in the event of fire, floods, storms, explosions, wars, state lines, judicial administrative command authorities, in the event of.

The Client understands and agrees that the company shall not be liable for any losses of users, including damages to profits, goodwill, use of data, loss of data or other intangible loss of loss (regardless of whether the company was informed in advance of the possibility of such losses), if the following situations occur:

the arranger believes that a particular participant or its transaction may be illegal or in default;
the actions of the trader are suspected to be illegal or violate the terms of the agreement;
costs and losses have been incurred as a result of acquiring or receiving any data, information, or transaction through the MEXC service
the user misunderstood the principle of the service;
any other loss that was caused through no fault of the organizer.

The user accepts the fact that the organizer has the right to stop providing services to the client, for any reason and without prior notice, if one of the above-mentioned situations occurs:

the client has indicated incorrect data during registration by registering under another name;
the specified e-mail address does not exist, and there are no other ways to contact the user;
the information provided by trader is untrue, inaccurate, untimely or incomplete;
when changing the agreement, the client has notified the company that he refuses to accept the new rules of service;
the company considers that the service of the user’s account should be terminated.

The user agrees to the fact that after the termination of cooperation with the project, the company continues to have the following rights:

Continue to retain the user’s information as well as information about all transactions;
the organizer can demand from the client to be responsible if he/she has committed an illegal act or has violated the agreement while using the services of the site.

Upon termination of the user’s services, the company will continue or cease to process and bear any disputes the user may have had. This means that it is the client who will bear the losses and additional costs that may arise as a result of the processing of the transaction. The company is not responsible for any costs incurred as a result:

The digital assets that the user has put on the exchange have not been sold before the termination of the traders’ services;
When entering into a sales contract with another user before the service was terminated, but the contract was not executed as a result.

In this case, the contract can not be removed by the organizer, but the company can notify the counterparty.


MEXC is a cryptocurrency exchange that began its operation three years ago. During this period, the company successfully developed and became a leader in its industry. The organization focuses on the international market, as evidenced by the multilingual interface of the official website of the project.

For clients are provided not only comfortable but also favorable conditions for cooperation. However, before registering, one should understand that trading is a risky process. That is why it is necessary to assess the possible risks and read the necessary documentation on the site. If you have cooperated with the project – leave your impressions about the service on our website to form a fair rating of cryptocurrency exchanges.